010 – Bibliographies

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
Science Experiments Index for Young People: Fourth Edition Pilger, Mary Anne 016.507 Pil

500 – Pure Science

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
Science by design : construct a boat, catapult, glove, and greenhouse TERC 507.1 S35 Intermediate (6-8) 2014 SB&F Best list
Galapagos : a natural history Nicholls, Henry 508.8 Nic Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List
Buried glory : portraits of Soviet scientists 509.2 Har Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List
Boltzmann's Tomb: Travels in Search of Science Green, Bill 500 Gre Advanced (9-12)
The Farthest Shore: A 21st Century Guide to Space Pelton, Joseph N.; Buckley, Angelia P. 500.5 Far Advanced (9-12)
We Dare You! Hundreds of Fun Science Bets, Challenges, and Experiments You Can Do at Home Cobb, Vicki; Darling, Kathy 507.8 Cob Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8)
Don't Be Such a Scientist: Talking Substance in an Age of Style Olso, Randy 501.4 Ols Advanced (9-12)
Every Season Rotner, Shelley; Woodhull, Anne Love 508.2 Rot Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5) Additional Resources
Why Sh*t Happens: The Science of a Really Bad Day Bentley, Peter J. 502 Ben
100 Greatest Science Discoveries of All Time Haven, Hendall 509 Hav Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)

560 – Palentology

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
Dinosaur Eggs Discovered! Unscrambling the Clues Dingus, Lowell 567.9 Din Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12) Additional Resources
If You Give a T-Rex a Bone Myers, Tim 567.9 Mye
Baby Mammoth Mummy Frozen in Time Sloan, Christopher 569.67 Slo Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8)
National Geographic Kids: The Ultimate Dinopedia Lessem, Don 567.9 Les Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
Dinosaur Discovery McGowan, Chris 560 Mcg Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
Fossils Walker, Sally M. 560 Wal
Early Humans: The Pleistocene and Holocene Epochs Holmes, Thom 569.9 Hol Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
Primates and Human Ancestors: The Pliocene Epoch Holmes, Thom 569 Hol Advanced (9-12)
Paleo Bugs: Survival of the Creepiest Bradley, Timothy J. 565 Bra
Mammoths and Mastodons Dardoe, Cheryl 569 Bar Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5)

570 – Life Sciences

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
Lucky planet : why Earth is exceptional-- and what that means for life in the universe Waltham, David 577.2 Wal Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List
Alien universe : extraterrestrial life in our minds and in the cosmos Lincoln, Don 576.8 Lin Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List
Cold Light: Creatures, Discoveries, and Inventions that Glow Sitarski, Anita 572 Sit Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8) Additional Resources
Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species: A Graphic Adaptation Keller, Michael 576.8 Kel Advanced (9-12) Additional Resources
From Little Acorns Godwin, Sam 571.8 God
Soil, by Elaine Pascoe Pascoe, Elaine 577.5 Pas
How Monkeys Make Chocolate: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Rainforest Forsyth, Adrian 577.34 For Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
Prairie Storms Pattison, Darcy 577.4 Pat Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5)
Beaks and Bills Higginson, Mel 573.3 Hig Primary (K-2)
Fungi Snedden, Robert 579.5 Sne

580 – Botanical Sciences

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
Plant Lessons: Introducing Children to Plant Forms and Function, 2nd Ed. Spears, Priscilla Prof 580.7 Sp31 Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
Flip, Float, Fly: Seeds on the Move Macken, JoAnn Early 581.4 Mac Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5)
Invasive Aquatic and Wetland Plants May, Suellen 581.7 May Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
Trees, Weeds, and Vegetables--So Many Kinds of Plants! Wade, Mary Dodson 580 Wad Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5)
Seeds Sprout! Wade, Mary Dodson 581.4 Wad Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5)
Lively Plant Science Projects Benbow, Anna; Mably, Colin 580.78 Ben Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8)
A Natural History of North American Trees Peattie, Donald Culross 582.16 Pea Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
The Sibley Guide to Trees Sibley, David Allen 582.16 Sib Advanced (9-12)
Nature Close-Up: Carnivorous Plants Pascoe, Elaine 583.75 Pas
From Seed to Maple Tree: Following the Life Cycle Salas, Laurie Purdie 583 Sal Primary (K-2)

590 – Zoological Sciences

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
Wildlife of the Caribbean Raffaele, Herbert A. 590.9 Raf Intermediate (6-8) 2014 SB&F Best List
Wild again : the struggle to save the black-footed ferret Jachowski, David 599.7 Jac Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List
Tamarin monkeys Dunn, Mary R 599.8 Dun Primary (K-2) 2014 SB&F Best List
Skunks Gish, Melissa 599.7 Gis Elementary (3-5) 2014 SB&F Best List
Secret world of red wolves : the fight to save North America's other wolf Beeland, T. DeLene 599.7 Bee Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List
Secret life of the woolly bear caterpillar Pringle, Laurence 595.7 Pri 2014 SB&F Best List
Sea slime : it's eeuwy, gooey and under the sea Prager, Ellen J. 591.4 Pra Primary (K-2) 2014 SB&F Best List
Hippopotamuses Gish, Melissa 599.6 Gis Elementary (3-5) 2014 SB&F Best List
Feathers : not just for flying Stewart, Melissa 598.1 Ste Elementary (3-5), Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List
Extreme life of the sea Palumbi, Stephen R 591.7 Pal Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List