Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
Sir Cumference and the off-the-charts dessert : a math adventure Neuschwander, Cindy 516 Neu Elementary (3-5)
Simpsons and their mathematical secrets Singh, Simon 510 Sin Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List
Shape family babies Haas, Kristin 516 Haa Primary (K-2) 2014 SB&F Best List
Count like an Egyptian: A Hands-on Introduction to Ancient Mathematics Reimer, David 513.2 Rei Intermediate (6-8) 2014 SB&F Best List
Butterfly colors and counting Pallotta, Jerry 513.2 Pal Primary (K-2) 2014 SB&F Best List
Beginner word problems Berry, Minta 510 Ber Primary (K-2) 2012 SB&F Best List
Joy of X : a guided tour of math, from one to infinity Strogatz, Steven H 510 Str Advanced (9-12) 2013 SB&F Best List
You want me to teach what? : sure-fire methods for teaching physical science and math LaFave, Norman J 510.7 L34 Advanced (9-12) 2013 SB&F Best List
In pursuit of the traveling salesman : mathematics at the limits of computation Cook, William 511.5 Coo Advanced (9-12) 2013 SB&F Best List
Manga guide to linear algebra Takahashi, Shin 512.5 Tak Advanced (9-12) 2013 SB&F Best List

530 – Physical Sciences

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
What is a Solid? Boothroyd, Jennifer 530.4 Boo Primary (K-2)
Genius: a Photobiography of Albert Einstein Delano, Marfe 530 Del Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12) Additional Resources
Atomic Universe: The Quest to Discover Radioactivity Jerome, Kate Boehm 539.7 Jer Intermediate (6-8)
Sound Projects with a Music Lab You Can Build Gardner, Robert 534.078 Gar Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8)
Bicycle Science Projects Gardner, Robert 531 Gar
Can you feel the force? Hammond, Richard 530 Ham
I Fall Down Cobb, Vicki 531 Cob Primary (K-2)
Giants of Science: Isaac Newton Krull, Kathleen 530 Kru Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12) Additional Resources
Neutrino Close, Frank 539.72 Clo Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein Berne, Jennifer 530 Ber Intermediate (6-8) 2013 SB&F Best List