150 – Psychology

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
Pills and starships Millet, Lydia Mil Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List
Personal intelligence : the power of personality and how it shapes our lives Mayer, John D. 155.2 May Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List
Freaking out : real-life stories about anxiety Wells, Polly 152.4 Wel Intermediate (6-8) 2014 SB&F Best List

610 – Medical Sciences, Psychiatry

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
Autistic brain : thinking across the spectrum Grandin, Temple 616.8 Gra Advanced (9-12) 2013 SB&F Best List
Anxiety disorders Hyman, Bruce M 616.8 Hym Advanced (9-12) 2012 SB&F Best List
Invincible Microbe: Tuberculosis and the Never-ending Search for a Cure Murphy, Jim 616.9 Mur Elementary (3-5) 2013 SB&F Best List; 2013 NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12
No time to lose : a life in pursuit of deadly viruses Piot, Peter 616.9 Pio Advanced (9-12) 2012 SB&F Best List
Infectious diseases Rooney, Anne 616.9 Roo Intermediate (6-8) 2012 SB&F Best List
The Wandering Gene and the Indian Princess: Race, Religion, and DNA Wheelwright, Jeff 616.9 Whe Advanced (9-12) 2012 SB&F Best List
Fourth down and inches : concussions and football's make-or-break moment McClafferty, Carla Killough 617.4 Mcc Advanced (9-12) 2013 SB&F Best List

640 – Nutrition, Home Economics

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
The World in Your Lunch Box: The Wacky History and Weird Science of Everyday Foods Eamer, Claire 641.3 Eam Intermediate (6-8) 2013 SB&F Best List