010 – Bibliographies

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
Science Experiments Index for Young People: Fourth Edition Pilger, Mary Anne 016.507 Pil

500 – Pure Science

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
Science by design : construct a boat, catapult, glove, and greenhouse TERC 507.1 S35 Intermediate (6-8) 2014 SB&F Best list
Galapagos : a natural history Nicholls, Henry 508.8 Nic Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List
Buried glory : portraits of Soviet scientists 509.2 Har Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List
Boltzmann's Tomb: Travels in Search of Science Green, Bill 500 Gre Advanced (9-12)
The Farthest Shore: A 21st Century Guide to Space Pelton, Joseph N.; Buckley, Angelia P. 500.5 Far Advanced (9-12)
We Dare You! Hundreds of Fun Science Bets, Challenges, and Experiments You Can Do at Home Cobb, Vicki; Darling, Kathy 507.8 Cob Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8)
Don't Be Such a Scientist: Talking Substance in an Age of Style Olso, Randy 501.4 Ols Advanced (9-12)
Every Season Rotner, Shelley; Woodhull, Anne Love 508.2 Rot Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5) Additional Resources
Why Sh*t Happens: The Science of a Really Bad Day Bentley, Peter J. 502 Ben
100 Greatest Science Discoveries of All Time Haven, Hendall 509 Hav Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)

520 – Astronomy

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
A More Perfect Heaven Sobel, Dava 520.92 Sob Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
Star Spotters: Telescopes and Observatories Jefferis, David 522 Jef Elementary (3-5)
What is the Solar System? Bredeson, Carmen 523.2 Bre
Exploring Dangers in Space: Asteroids, Space Junk, and More Silverman, Buffy 523.44 Sil Elementary (3-5)
Seven Wonders of the Gas Giants and Their Moons Miller, Ron 523.4 Mil Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8)
The Night Sky Month by Month Gater, Will 523.8 Gat Advanced (9-12)
Space: From Earth to the Edge of the Universe Stott, Carole 523 Spa Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
Space: A Visual Encyclopedia DK Publishing 520.3 Spa Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
The Practical Astronomer: Explore the Wonders of the Night Sky Gater, Will; Vamplew, Anton 520 Gat Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
Tycho Brahe: Pioneer of Astronomy Nardo, Don 520.92 Nar Intermediate (6-8)

530 – Physical Sciences

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
Zoom : how everything moves : from atoms and galaxies to blizzards and bees Berman, Bob 531.1 Ber Intermediate (6-8) 2014 SB&F Best List
Time reborn : from the crisis in physics to the future of the universe Smolin, Lee 530.1 Smo Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List
Particle at the end of the universe : how the hunt for the Higgs boson leads us to the edge of a new world Carroll, Sean M. 539.7 Car Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List
Niels Bohr and the quantum atom : the Bohr model of atomic structure, 1913-1925 Kragh, Helge 539.7 Kra Advanced (9-12) 2014 SB&F Best List
Quantum Physics for Poets Lederman, Leon; Hill, Christopher 530.14 Led Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
Judging Edward Teller: A Closer Look at One o the Most Influential Scientists of teh Twentieth Century Hargittai, Istvan 530.092 Har Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
North Pole, South Pole: The Epic Quest to Solve the Great Mystery of Earth's Magnetism Turner, Gillian 538.72 Tur Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
Newton and Me Mayer, Lynne 530 May Primary (K-2)
Light Riley, Peter 535.078 Ril Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8)
Electricity Claybourne, Anna 537 Cla Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5)

540 – Chemistry

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe Gray, Theodore 546 Gra Advanced (9-12)
Mixing and Separating Oxlade, Chris 546 Oxl Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8)
Ace Your Chemistry Science Project: Great Science Fair Ideas Gardener, Robert; et al. 540.78 Gar Elementary (3-5) Additional Resources
Easy Genius Science Projects with Chemistry: Great Experiments and Ideas Gardner, Robert 540.78 Gar Elementary (3-5) Additional Resources
Marie Curie: Discoverer of Radium Poynter, Margaret 540.92 Poy Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8)
It's Elementary: How Chemistry Rocks Our World Winston, Robert 546 Win
Just Add Water: Science Projects You Can Sink, Squirt, Splash, Sail. 546 Jus Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8)
The Alchemy of Air: A Jewish Genius, a Doomed Tycoon, and the Scientific Discover That Fed the World but Fueled the Rise of Hitler Hager, Thomas 540.92 Hag
Acids and Bases Oxlade, Chris 546 Oxl Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8) Additional Resources
Cool Chemistry Concoctions: 50 Formulas that Fizz, Foam, Splatter & Ooze Rhatigan, Joe 540 Rha Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8)

550 – Earth Sciences

Book CoverTitleAuthorCall NumberReading LevelAwardsResources
Incredible plate tectonics comic Lee, Kanani K. M. 551.1 Lee Intermediate (6-8) 2014 SB&F Best List
Pyramids of Egypt Nardo, Don Elementary (3-5) 2014 SB&F Best List
Curiosity : an inside look at the Mars rover mission and the people who made it happen Pyle, Rod 559.9 Pyl Intermediate (6-8) 2014 SB&F Best List
Erased by a Tornado! Rudolph, Jessica 551.55 Rud Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8)
Eyewitness Weather Cosgrove, Brian 551.5 Cos
Global Climate Change Zebrowski, Ernest 551.6 Zeb Intermediate (6-8), Advanced (9-12)
On the Seabed Woodward, John 551.42 Woo Elementary (3-5)
The Deep, Deep Ocean Woodward, John 551.46 Woo Elementary (3-5)
The Glaciers are Melting! Love, Donna 551.31 Lov Primary (K-2), Elementary (3-5)
B is for Blue Planet Strother, Ruth 550 Str Primary (K-2)