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more than science, technology, engineering and math

The study of  STEM fields in the United States has long been linked to American global economic competitiveness. The impact on US education by the 1957 launch of the Soviet satellite, Sputnik I was powerful, resulting in more rigorous requirements in math and science curricula in US schools. Beyond its effect on K-12 curriculum, this shift affected college entrance requirements, teacher preparation and employer expectations. More than three decades later, the National Science Foundation coined the term STEM to represent these four fields of study.

In the last two decades of the twentieth century, thinking about STEM began to broaden beyond its core fields. Some began to think STEM alone was insufficient to meet the economic, environmental and social challenges of the 21st century. The study of art was added to represent the central role of art and design to creativity and innovation. STEAM was born.

Similarly, the addition of the social studies to STEM (STEMSS) by UW-La Crosse Biology faculty, Dr. Tim Gerber, represents the important role the social sciences play for scientific advances to have a positive impact on culture and society.

The UW-La Crosse community–students, faculty and staff–are engaged in work that incorporates these fields through research, teaching, field work and outreach programming. All of UW-L’s academic departments, as well as the Murphy Library and Continuing Education and Extension, are active in some form of STEM related activities. The STEM Portal is a clearing house of information on current and past programs and includes links to STEM related projects occurring at or through our campus, as well as ways campus STEM activities engage our local and regional community.

If you are working with any STEM, STEAM or STEMSS related projects or programs, please let us know so we may include them here. (link to reporting form?)