Rock On, UW-Superior

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General Information:

Join us for UW-Superior’s 13th Annual “Rock On!” indoor rock climbing competition.  We will be holding the competition on Saturday, January 28th  2017 at the Marcovich Wellness Center.  The competition is open to the public and all skill levels are welcome!  Each year we have a wide range of community members and students from across Wisconsin and Minnesota participate.



Fees: $30 Non-UW Superior Student and $25 UW-Superior Student


Rock On! will be held at the Superior Adventures’ Climbing Wall inside the Marcovich Wellness Center located on the University of Wisconsin-Superior Campus.  A campus map may found at UW-Superior Campus Map.


  • 12:00pm – Registration begins
  • 12:45pm – Welcome and Rules
  • 1:00pm – Climbing Begins!
  • 5:00pm – Climbing Ends
  • 5:20pm – Awards and Raffles



  • Climbers will choose a climbing category (Male or Female).   The two categories will each have three divisions:  Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  To ensure that the top three finishers in all divisions are accurately represented, all competitors will be placed into blind divisions.
  • There will be about 12 routes per category set specifically for the competition.
  • Each climber will be given a scorecard.
  • All belaying will be done by staff members.  Belayers will be judging each climb and must sign the score card for a climb to be valid.
  • Climbers may climb as many routes as they wish, however only the best 4 climbs on the score card will count towards your final score – with the exception of a tie.  Ties will be settled by taking the next highest scores of the tied participants.
  • This competition is open-format.  Open-format means that climbers may climb whenever they are ready.  They must finish all of their climbs within the time allotted.


  • The climber must start and end routes on holds marked with a “V,” a box, or an angle.
  • The climber must have weight on and be in control* of the final hold(s) to complete the route.  *Control: means the climber must have the final hold weighted before releasing (no slapping the finish allowed).  A demonstration of this concept will be provided at the competition.
  • For starts, the climber must show control on starting holds before moving to the next holds.  The climber may not be touching the ground in any way when they go to make their first move.  For sit starts (indicated on the route’s label), the climber must start by sitting on the ground, or by hanging as low as possible if too short to touch the floor.  No pushing off the ground with hands, feet, or any other part of the climber’s body is allowed.  Once the climber has completely left the ground and makes a motion toward the first hold, the climber’s attempt has begun.
  • The climber must only use holds that are designated for that route.  Everything else is off limits.  Accidentally touching a hold not on your route with your hands or feet is only tolerated if it does not assist in the progress of the climb.  This rule is enforced at the belayer’s discretion.  All natural features are on unless otherwise marked for a given route.
  • All vents, cracks, eye bolts, far sides of the wall, and bolt holes are offlimits!
  • The climber will be lowered upon falling.  The climber then has the option to try the route again immediately or at a later time.  The climber may not climb a route more than 3 times consecutively unless there is no one else waiting to climb on that rope.  The climber may attempt a route as many times as desired.
  • If a hold spins or moves while the climber is attempting a route, that climber will be lowered and given another chance to climb it without being penalized.
  • Neither verbal nor nonverbal help may be given to climbers from anyone during their attempt at a route (No Beta).  A belayer can confirm marked holds.
  • Only Eco balls and Chalk Balls allowed.  No Loose Chalk! 


  • Prizes will be given to the top 3 finishers in each division.
  • All entrants will receive one prize drawing ticket upon check-in.  Prizes will be drawn during the award ceremony.


  • Rock On! is part of the Wisconsin Indoor Climbing Series (WICS)!  Check out the WICS tabs for more information.
  • Belayers will be wearing UWS Staff clothing (vests, shirts, etc.) and are the only ones allowed to belay at the competition.
  • Free snacks will be available thanks to our sponsors