Sugar Podcasts Parts 1 & 2

Sugar is a very powerful commodity in our world today. We use sugar for almost everything to satisfy our taste buds. Sugar is the main ingredient in all of those sweet tasting treats we like to gorge ourselves with. This might also be the downside of sugar as we’ve noticed the obesity epidemic sweeping our nation. Our country is more focused on how well the food tastes instead of how healthy it is for our body. Now sugar is one of the healthiest ingredients we can put into our body. It is just the mass amounts and the bad sugars that we consume are what can make it unhealthy. But why is sugar so important to our body? With new technology, we have discovered why our body needs the right amount of sugar to keep our body healthy. Our body has insulin that helps control the sugar amount in our blood. If the sugar level is higher than the insulin amount, that is where sugar becomes negative and turns to fat. The sugar in our blood is then transferred all over our body to our muscles, which convert it into movement. In our podcasts we will show you how this great commodity came about to being a need of everyday life. The discovery of sugar didn’t only change the people physically, but it changed the world socially. In the following podcasts, we will tell you how sugar traveled the world, began slavery, and revolutionized the start of a new country.

Laura Huneke, Amanda Strouckel-Alden, Tyler Moore, Kaitlyn Tharp


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