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Did Dutch Smuggler Provoke the Boston Tea Party?

Many people today do not think about the American Revolution when they consume a hot cup of tea. In this segment, Did Dutch Smugglers Provoke the Boston Tea Party, Maddie Makinster, Miranda Clausen, Austin Phippen, and Nick Yourich will discuss the events leading up to the Boston Tea Party. Listeners will learn about the history of tea, and the importance of Dutch smugglers during the time period.


The Relationship Between Tea and Sugar

Sugar is something we are familiar with and consume daily and tea, although maybe not as popular, is still also a notable drink. However, the importance connection between these two commodities is often overlooked when we come across them today. Our podcast is based off the article Complications of the Commonplace: Tea, Sugar, and Imperialism written by Woodruff D. Smith which discusses the importance and connections between sugar and tea.

Amanda Milanowski, Daniel Bonneville, Jordan Dobbe and Emma Rasmussen

Fall 2015

The Fear Effect

I’m sure you’ve all seen the headlines, “new imported product to face mass recall.” Why does it seem that other countries are always at fault? Made in America is a title many domestic manufacturers use with pride, but why? What do our attitudes towards the foreign products say about our attitudes about those countries in general? In Erika Rappaport’s article Packaging China: Foreign Articles and Dangerous Tastes in the Mid-Victorian Tea Party she discusses Chinese and British relations in the 19th century and its impact on their view of each other products. Follow three UWL students: Cole McElfresh, Ryan Sailer, and Christopher Warner as they walk you through this conflict and just how relevant it may be today. The similarities will shock you.

Steep Your Tea

Madeline Berendt, Kelli Walter, Nicole Olson

Fall 2015
Our podcast is about the Boston Tea Party, and more specifically, the causes of the tea party. We explored the possibility of ideology not being the real reason behind it. Our argument is based on the article “Did Dutch Smugglers Provoke the Boston Tea Party?” by Benjamin L. Carp. Today, tea is an important part of many Americans’ daily routines, but many of them do not know the full story of the famous day in the colonies related to tea.

Were Their Nickers in a Twist

Were the colonists angry about the Tea Act of 1773? You bet! They loved their tea like we love coffee. But that wasn’t the only reason they had their knickers in a twist. Merchants and Dutch smugglers had economic and social reasons for wanting the Boston Tea Party to occur. Using Benjamin L. Carp’s article Did Dutch Smugglers Provoke the Boston Tea Party?, Tanner Sale, Jack Firer, and Mitchell Sutton examine the different motives and perspectives around the Tea Act that led to the Boston Tea Party.

The Effect the Dutch Smugglers had on the Boston Tea Party

Ethan Effinger-Spring 2015

Collin Spring 2015

Maddie de Boer-Spring 2015

The Effect the Dutch Smugglers had on the Boston Tea Party

The article that we did this project on was entitled “Did Dutch Smugglers Provoke the Boston Tea Party” and it was written by Benjamin Carp. Our question that our podcast is based off of is “What relation do the Dutch have towards American freedom?” The Dutch acted as the catalyst in America’s rebellion from British rule because they corrupted the trade system that British had imposed on the colonies. They did this through providing cheaper means of obtaining their tea and other goods that the British had put such an extreme tax on. Tea is a major commodity even today because it is consumed by millions of people every day and it sparked the fire that brought us our freedom today.

Tea and Sugar

Have you ever wondered how tea has become such a popular drink all over the world? In this podcast we examine the history of this aromatic beverage and the reasons it has become widely used. Also we promote the health benefits tea generates. We interviewed fellow students at UW La Crosse to get there take on this matter. So sit down, grab a cup of warm tea and enjoy. Spring 2015 UWL students: Spencer Stueve, Jimmy Penzel, Austin Schulz, and Austin Fjoser.

Tea Trust and Tyranny

In this podcast we will explore the anxiety of tea throughout the course of history during mid-Victorian England. We will examine the true reasons behind the prejudices against Chinese tea and their culture. We also will talk about how the new advances in the field of chemistry saved many lives, from the toxic tea that the citizens were being sold.

The Truth Behind The Boston Tea Party

In this podcast called, “The Truth Behind the Boston Tea Party” we will discuss the many factors that contributed to the Boston Tea Party occurring. We interviewed fellow students at UW La Crosse to get an idea of what people believe caused this event. We then explain what parts of their statement are right or wrong, and reveal the truths behind what caused this event that changed the world forever.

Is History Your Cup of Tea?

Learning the true history of the Boston Tea Party can startle people, including the four of us 2014 UWL students: Andrew Bjornstad, Jonathan Dorton, Joseph Lewis, and Liam Oines, because it’s a subject most of us are familiar with. The large majority of the populous is aware that taxation without representation played a part in instigating the rebellion, but what they don’t usually know is what other factors played a major role in causing it. “Did Dutch Smugglers Provoke the Boston Tea Party” by, Benjamin L. Carp helps to explain.