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How Coffee Can Change Your Life

In the podcast, “How Coffee Can Changed Your Life”, you’ll really realize how big of an influence coffee is on the general public. This podcast written by UW-L students: Ashley Andersen, Max Biebel and Jeremy Schulz will make you realize how important coffee is. We hope you enjoy listening to our podcast as much as we enjoyed recording and informing the public about the history of coffee and how coffee is influencing our society today.

Commodity Conversations

Did you know, that coffee changed the way that several cultures socially interacted? In our podcast, discovery and revolution of coffee are just a few of the things that we’ll be talking about during our “Commodity Conversations”  by UWL Fall 2015 students Adele Parks, Nicole Dockendorf, Abbey Driggers and Ben Warneke, a 12 Objects Project. Within the article “The Penny University: A History of Coffee Houses” by Aytoun Ellis, the poems In Praise of Coffee and Coffee Companionship by Abd-al-Kadir and the poem Coffee by Guillaume Massieu are referenced to help inform our listeners about the past and present relationship of coffee.

Coffee Educates Drunkards

Imagine you’re a peasant in Europe during the 16th century.  Instead of coffee, you’d be drinking a beer. Suddenly, a new liquid hits the market. Many people are drinking it, but other people believe it’s Hades’ brew. Should you try it? In Coffee Educates Drunkards, students Shannan Hartel, Kristin Lamberty, Olivia Lietzau, and Jahni Brandt will use the article Coffee and the Protestant Ethic by Wolfsgang Shivelbusch to show how coffee overcame this adversity and transformed Europe into the hard-working world we know. (December 8, 2015)

Coffee Cascade

This podcast segment, “Coffee Cascade,” is an invigorating and inviting conversation about coffee and coffee-drinking as a symbol of social change in seventeenth and eighteenth century Europe. There will be four voices heard, Mackenzie Briskie, Dedra Petersen, Joe Rudisill as our coffee experts and Joe as a voice-over of a concerned coffee consumer. Sit back with your own cup of coffee and enjoy!

Caffeine Charisma

When most Americans think of coffee they tend to think about the follow; Starbucks, types of coffee, different coffeehouses, cramming for exams, trying to stay awake and many other things along these lines.  People never really think about where coffee came from and its impacts on those who drink it.  In this podcast, “Caffeine Charisma,” four UWL students: Sydney Neale, Alec Mancheski, Hannah Alitz and Katie Queram will be informing you on where coffee really came from, its impacts and how it changed the world.  Let’s try and learn new things!

The Coffee House and its Societal Contributions

Our Podcast based on the Article by Peter Albrecht titled, Coffee-Drinking as a Symbol of Social Change in Continental Europe in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, dives into the relationship of coffee back then compared to today’s society, specifically in relation to men, women, and the poor. During this podcast, Ryan Dombrowski, Taylor Rickard, and Cooper Prindl explore ideas from a few primary sources that show different scenarios in which coffee made an impact in history.

Sipping on History

This is a podcast brought to you by Kristine Clark, Heidi Wirt, Molly Matthiesen and Lizzie Hubing from Dr.Beaujot’s Spring 2015 history class. In this podcast, Sipping on History, we will be discussing how coffee, a drink that today fuels the caffeine addictions of many, is truly a revolutionary drink in the world of politics, religion and even early medicine. Through our conducted interviews of local coffee lovers and guests who were featured in Aytoun Ellis’ “The Penny University: A History of Coffeehouses”, it will become evident that this beloved staple has deep rooted historical significance.

One Bean that Changed the World

Many Americans drink coffee every day without giving it a second thought. It doesn’t even cross their mind that many social changes had to occur in order for them to be consuming the wonderful commodity. In the podcast “One Bean that Changed the World,” UW-La Crosse students Aaron Bartz, Jordan Corcoran, Jacob Schmidt and Jeff Rotzenberg will inform you about how several major changes in European society, during the mid-17th century to the early 18th century, reconstructed the social scale and effected how coffee is consumed today. (November 25, 2014)

Beany Business

If you asked citizens in La Crosse, “what role did coffee play in the evolution of the world”, they would most likely tell you it is just a simple beverage. as you will learn in this podcast titled Beany Business, performed by two UWL Eagles: Aidan Hutchison and Jake Karbula, coffee has revolutionized the world in the past six centuries. From medicine to social gatherings, coffee has thrived as a pillar for society.

College Coffee Corner

All college students know the benefits of caffeine; specifically, coffee and how it can help late night study sessions and early morning classes. Four UW- La Crosse students Brianna Gruenwald, Miranda Martin, Natalie Marcus, Sydney Raisbeck and Rebecca Welsh researched the historic uses of coffee, beginning with a look at “Traveler’s Tales”, by Aytoun Ellis and including its medicinal purposes. Click to find out how your ancestors believed coffee helped them!